Friday, September 25, 2009

Living in the Moment, or for those of us who remember the nineties, There is no spoon, ha ha ha.

I had been looking for a sign from the universe.  What should I do next?  Where should I be going?

Here is what I got.

A message in a bottle.

Things have been such a struggle lately.  I have been trying so desperately to move ahead with opening my business.  Instead of enjoying it, I have been feeling so negative and constantly running into roadblocks.  Why was I always stuck?  Why couldn't I just act in the here and now and stop worrying about being a huge failure?  In what seems a comically desperate move, I typed "how do I live in the moment?" into google.  I ended up on a message board where everyone seemed to be suggesting this book by Eckhart Tolle called The Power of Now.  The message of the book is so simple and so difficult.  Just be.  All we ever have is now.  The past and future are illusions.  Stop worrying about the things that aren't real and connect with what is.
I impulsively decided to try the book out - not in character for me at all.  Somehow it ended up on the shelf at the library, despite there being nine requests for the book and it being shown as unavailable in the online catalogue.  Weird, huh?  Or is it?
I'm honestly not quite sure where things will go from here.  But I guess that's all right.

Here are some fall images from my neighbourhood:

Doesn't this log washed up on the shore look like a rock?  Amazing colour.


The weather here in Winnipeg is beautiful right now, but the leaves are still falling.  I just love the light in the trees.

I have been really enjoying macro photography lately.  Perspective can be such an interesting thing to play with.  Lichen is actually pretty spectacular up close.

This hawk sat on a branch directly above me for about ten minutes.  Now that's humbling.

Happy Friday!

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