Monday, October 5, 2009

Recent Knitting Projects

BRRRRRR!  All of a sudden I'm starting to believe winter is on its way!  Only two weeks ago we had 30 degree weather here in Winnipeg, now we're into the single digits with frost at night.  I have to admit, though, that it's nice to feel like I can bake again in our non-air conditioned house, and to have that motivation to once again pick up my knitting projects.  My theme this fall seems to lean towards greyed out natural colours like mossy green and a weird brown-charcoal, with pops of bright primaries thrown in.  Right on trend, according to one of my favourite websites, the Pantone Fashion Color Report.

I've been working on a new design of cabled fingerless glove which came together very nicely.  They are very fitted and came out very well for my first attempt at designing a knitting pattern that isn't a scarf.

I have also been working on a lace scarf in bamboo/wool for my son's daycare provider.  I just need another skein before I can finish the last half.  Bamboo/wool blend is fantastic - silky but not splitty,  light and not itchy at all... I can't sing it's praises enough.

Off to put on a pot of tea!  Enjoy the autumn weather!