Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage Goodness... Mary Maxim Sweaters

Anyone who has ever discussed knitting with me knows that I do not knit sweaters.  I thrive on the completionist high I get from finishing a project, and I refuse to tackle anything that will take me longer than a week or two.  However, if you've ever gone thrifting with me, you know that I obsessively buy  vintage knitting patterns, no matter what type of garment they are for.  While I was going through my vintage knitting pattern collection on Friday, I came across three graph knitting patterns for hunting/fishing themed sweater jackets.

I have a soft spot for the "Grizzly" pattern because the model looks a lot like my dad did in the mid-sixties.  His nickname back then was "Clark" for Clark Gable, something he enjoyed talking about well into his eighties.

This one is interesting.  I like the graphics on the pattern leaflet better than the actual sweater, though.

Here is the pattern for the sweater in the opening photo of this post.  It's called "Angler's Pride", and is apparently still quite sought after.  I really like the way it looks made up.  The little bubbles put it over the top.

Here is a shot of the graph pattern itself.  I think this is a really effective way to do patterns with lots of colour work.

If anyone has photos of these sweaters made up (especially the Grizzly pattern), please give me a shout.  I'd love to see them!

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mldanforth said...

Would you consider posting the back side of the pattern as well?