Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We have to stop meeting like this

Well, here we go again. I am really going to have to improve my posting frequency!
I would describe the past summer as long and stressful and I'm sooooo happy it's over. We are more or less settled here in our cute little Winnipeg house. I even put all of our pictures up. That's a sure sign that my nomadic nature has been squelched for at least the time being.
I have really slowed down in my thrifting since we moved to 'the city' as us Manitobans tend to call it (HA). The thrift stores here are super expensive. Also with the resurrgence of thrifting as a cool activity for teens (ahhhh, I remember '96. Back then you could practically drown yourself in old man cardigans and vintage prom dresses for under $10), I just can't compete. And my Blythes... my poor, neglected Blythes. They are still standing sad and lonely in their spring party dresses with their original eyechips.
But I HAVE been doing lots of knitting! I have dropped some serious cash at Ram Wools since moving back here... I have all sorts of beautiful fiber in my stash. I am also becoming more active on ravelry and I can see that being a huge incentive to indulge my obsession. Next on my list is the Jayne Cobb hat for Jim. And after that, Christmas, and after that Chinese orphans and after that, etsy... maybe. :)

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